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10 most romantic wedding songs you should definitely have your Atlanta wedding DJ play on your big day.

Weddings mark important milestones and the most exciting periods in anyone’s life. From the moment you walk down the aisle to exchange vows to your departure as newlyweds, the romantic wedding songs truly set the tone for the ultimate celebration.


However, the catch is with so many chart-busters to the classical modern hits, choosing love songs for weddings can truly feel daunting. As Atlanta wedding DJs, we typically recommend couples create a playlist together for their big day. And that’s because your chosen music is another way to show everyone your uniqueness. To help you craft a perfect playlist, we have prepared a list of some of the best romantic wedding songs fit for all kinds of celebrations.

  • Fall into Me- Forest Blakk

“Fall into me, and I will catch you, darling…”


What a beautiful way to say I love you to your partner. Fall into Me was released in 2022 and is one of our favorite romantic songs for weddings of the year. Not only does the song have incredible vocals, but the melody is lovely, too, so there is a good chance you will hear this lovely, romantic song for many years to come.


  • One life- James Bay

    We honestly feel James Bay has written his incredible piece of art, perfect for weddings. Its lyrics, “Do you want to marry me?” are simply adorable and speak volumes about romantic and intimate moments.
  • Perfect- Ed Sheeran and Beyonce

“Perfect” by Ed and Beyonce is undoubtedly the ultimate romantic wedding song. This lovely number has been for years, and we hope it remains couples favorite. It’s our favorite, too, and we often recommend couples include it on the list. Like most Sheeran songs, its lyrics touch hearts.


  • Speechless- Dan & Shay 

If you are looking for a country tune that is a bit more modern and elegant for your Atlanta wedding, don’t miss Speechless by Dan & Shay. It is an excellent love song for weddings to capture the priceless memories from the day.

  • Anything For You- Ledisi

    Anything for You was released in 2020, and it has cool and jazzy vibes. As it is not so common, there is a good chance that many of your wedding guests will hear it for the first time. If you don’t want to choose it as your first dance song, you may play it during the reception for all your guests and wedding parties to dance to.



  • I Am Yours- Andy Grammer

Don’t you think your wedding should be all about romance, love, and your beginnings? How about adding “I Am Yours” to your list of romantic wedding songs? We feel it is a sweet and memorable choice that can work for couples, no matter your favorite genre of music. This number is also lovely to dance to, so it is a good choice even if you are not a great dancer or don’t plan to practice any choreography.


  • The Better Half of Me- Tom Walker


Tom Walker released this romantic number in 2019, and it still sounds as fresh and new as it did a couple of years ago. This amazing song is modern-day storytelling and makes up great for the first dance occasion. And honestly, the lyrics, “I’d have all I need if you’d be the better half of me,” make it an ideal choice for couples starting their lives together.


  • Marry you- Bruno Mars

    The pop, happy-go-lucky time is perfect right from the processional to your wedding reception entrance. It’s a pure crowd-pleaser, and as wedding DJs in Atlanta, this one is our favorite! You may even add it to your getting-ready playlist to get hyped up for the big day. We feel this love song for weddings has to be one of the most brilliant numbers in terms of becoming ingrained in the ceremonies of love and union.



  • A Thousand Years- The Piano Version (Originally Christina Perri)


Often, couples find it challenging to choose between a classic instrumental or a modern romantic wedding song with perfect vocals for their processional music. “A thousand years” is one of the romantic numbers often played at different parts of the wedding. So why not get the best of both worlds with an instrument cover of your favorite number? We truly love this piano version, which Christina Perri originally sang. You may also check out more classical covers as per your style.

  • Deserve you- Justin Beiber

    This is one of the sweetest and most romantic songs for weddings that will definitely make your loved ones shed a tear or two. The beautiful lyrics, “And now my eyes are locked on you/ As you dance around the room/ And finally I am right where I belong, signify that you both are total couple goals. For those looking for something truly different, we recommend opting for this song.
  •   The lyrics say it all


With this, we conclude the top 10 romantic songs for weddings you should definitely include at your upcoming Atlanta wedding. When it comes to researching and choosing your wedding playlist, you must opt for the music carefully. Why? Because the music you select is going to set the tone for the evening, cement the ambiance, and guide everyone’s emotions throughout the day.


Set the mood by choosing a song that feels personal and celebrates you as a couple. Plus, not to forget the one that perfectly fits the vibe of the venue and celebration. You may opt for classical, modern, or anything that will make your party truly memorable. We also suggest you discuss your vision with an Atlanta wedding DJ so they can help you curate the list of your choices.


We hope the list we have shared will help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Lastly, no matter what style of music you prefer or have in mind, remember it is your day, and you should celebrate every moment of it. Also, if you are looking for more entertainment options and tips, don’t forget to check out our informative blogs.