Your wedding reception is the ultimate party — a celebration of your marriage, of your happiness, of two families and groups of friends coming together and becoming one just as you and your spouse are becoming one. The perfect celebration requires the perfect music, managed by the perfect wedding reception DJ.

As you plan your Atlanta wedding, plan on They’re Playing Our Song. We’re Atlanta’s premier wedding reception DJ for multiple reasons — both Wedding Wire and The Knot voted us a top wedding vendor. We’ll make your wedding perfect for who you are as a couple, a celebration of your love that fits perfectly with your theme. Most importantly, we make it fun.


What to Expect From Atlanta’s Wedding Reception Specialists

When you book our services for your wedding, we’ll meet with you personally to understand the theme and vibes of your wedding. We want to hear your story and the songs that are essential for us to add to the soundtrack of that story. In addition, we add effects to create an immersive ambiance and mood for your guests.

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Foggy Effect

Fog, blacklight, haze, bubbles, and more!
We make your event remarkable with foggy effects to punctuate the key moments and add some unforgettable wow-factor.
Enchant your guests with the perfect magical “cloud†effect for your dancefloor or add a mystical touch to performances. The foggy effect is incredible for perfect photos.
We ensure to use high-quality dry ice that makes fog silent, odorless, and leaves zero residues. It is safe for all fabrics, especially delicate wedding dresses.

A man in white shirt and pants standing on top of a cloud.
A bride and groom surrounded by bubbles in front of their wedding party.

Bubble Effects

Bubbles are usually distributed among guests to make the wedding more fun and enjoyable. They are also used as a wedding accessory to welcome bride and groom, as well as a traditional substitute activity of throwing rice or birdseed.

Let us arrange the bubble effects to make your ceremony more fun and engaging than your guests would love.

Sound System

At THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG, we use simple hosting and DJing approach in weddings. Our DJ combines the skill and art of blending music, experience, knowledge, and creativity to bring you an immersive event experience. We will host your wedding day and give you the immersive experience you’re looking for.

A large sound board in front of a crowd.
A bride and groom are dancing in the clouds.


Good lighting plays a crucial part in wedding and reception ceremonies. It makes your event glow bright, and your guests feel welcomed. We can add light fixtures on the walls and drapes to add color and depth, complementing the theme you are using for your reception. Furthermore, lighting looks fantastic in photos and acts as an effective base layer.

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