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Once you hire your Atlanta wedding DJ, it is essential to establish good communication with them. You should not expect that the person you book will read your mind and meet your expectations miraculously. There are things you tell your wedding DJ in Atlanta before the big day so your celebration starts as smoothly as possible.


To ensure you are not omitting anything, we have created a list of things you should tell your Atlanta wedding DJ before your special day comes. Remember to talk to them several days before the celebration rather than on the day of the union.

  • Right Pronunciation of Names 


It is essential that your wedding DJ in Atlanta knows the right pronunciation of the bride and groom, and any other guests that might be announced for a speech or something similar. It is your day, so you will want to be properly honored. So, to avoid any awkward situations during your Atlanta wedding, ensure that your DJ is on the same page as you.

  • Music You Do Not Want at Your Wedding 


When thinking of what to tell your wedding DJ, have a no-play playlist ready. You will probably discuss with your them the type of music you want at your celebration. However, it is very easy to forget to talk about songs or genres you do not want on your big day. Make sure you tell your entertainer what kind of music is off-limits to avoid spoiling your special moments.


  • Allowed Song Versions 


Depending on your music taste, there might be songs that have inappropriate lyrics, but you still want them at your wedding. If you have children at your celebration, you may want to avoid these kinds of songs. That said, saying whether you prefer an explicit or clean version is an essential thing to ask your wedding DJ in Atlanta.

  • Level of Emcee Chatter 


Your Atlanta wedding DJ will be your full entertainer, meaning besides playing music, they will also keep your guests enthusiastic through interaction. Still, some couples desire to limit the level of chattering to a minimum. So, if you have any specific preferences about this, you should certainly let your DJ know.


Establishing proper communication with your wedding DJ in Atlanta is everything. This way, you know that you have done everything to make your celebration a true delight. Hopefully, the things to ask your wedding DJ in Atlanta on our list will guarantee that you have covered every aspect!


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