Things Your DJ For Wedding Wants You To Know


To guarantee that all of your guests are dancing the night away at your wedding reception, compile a killer playlist of popular songs that are guaranteed to impress any audience. If you’re having a wedding and are still considering hiring a live band or a DJ, your DJ for wedding will want you to know a few things.


Have you ever wished you could see life as a spectator, far from the drunk revelers and their song and dance? As a soon-to-be-wed pair, there are a few things you should keep in mind about the wedding reception, including how to choose the best DJ for wedding to hire and whether or not to ask guests to bring their favorite songs.

Things Your Wedding DJ Wants You To Know

1. Wedding DJ Selection Process

Whether you want an Atlanta wedding DJ, a live band, or both, picking out the musical entertainment for your reception is the first step. When you’re ready, look into other bands and DJs to discover the one that suits you best.


Because people have such diverse musical tastes, choosing a DJ who can cater to your specific interests is crucial. Find a DJ for wedding whose internet ratings match your expectations based on the kind of event you’re planning. Search for DJs that Google suggests naturally (often based on the quality of their ratings) rather than paying attention to paid articles.


The following actions should be taken when you have discovered wedding DJ services that share your musical vision. Ask to examine samples of their most recent work—not pictures or videos, but real laptop logs from their parties—during an online consultation if you locate a DJ you like the look of.


Don’t ask for one; it’s their property and what makes them unique as an Atlanta wedding DJ. If you look at their past playlists, you may see what they often play in the evenings and see if it matches your tastes.

2. Keep in Mind How Important Your DJ Is

There is much more to becoming a professional DJ for wedding than just putting up a mix. Your wedding DJ is responsible for as much as 40% of your big day and will put much time and energy into your reception.

Choosing when to schedule the wedding DJ services may be difficult, but when you’ve taken care of the location, registrar, photographer, and clothing, you can relax and enjoy the big day. A minimal deposit is usually all that is required to book an Atlanta wedding DJ.

3. Consider Suppliers Other Than Those Preferred by the Venue

As a service to engaged couples, many wedding locations provide a list of favored vendors that they may peruse to find reputable businesses in the area. Couples should remember that they are not limited to these lists, even if this service is helpful.

Many factors go into a venue’s decision to suggest a certain DJ for wedding. Priorities don’t always revolve around the quality of the experience you will have. You should always inquire about the rationale behind Atlanta wedding DJ’s recommendation and compare it to your objectives.

A wedding DJ’s coworkers are another great resource to consult for information, venue, and client feedback. Because they often see DJs in action and have personal experience working with them, wedding photographers can provide valuable, unbiased feedback.

4. Make It Easy for People to Request Songs

You may use the RSVP form to inquire about important details that will help you prepare for the wedding, such as dietary restrictions or which ceremony sections (if any) guests will be allowed to attend. Additionally, here is the best spot to write down any music suggestions you may have so you may communicate them to the wedding DJ services in advance.


If your guests are a little drunk but still want to sing along to “Sweet Caroline” during your wedding, this is a great way to get the party started and keep your Atlanta wedding DJ safe. When asking visitors for requests, be cautious with your phrasing. If you want to avoid ignoring your preferences or making an inappropriate joke about you, it’s best to ask them to recommend a song that the DJ “might” play instead of assuring they “will” play it.


To avoid any unintended inclusion at the party, inform the wedding DJ services in advance of any items you have forbidden.

5. Provide Direction

Which royal family are you a part of? An individual who follows the funk? You likely like rock and roll or have a strong affinity for a certain artist (e.g., Little Monster, Barb, Directioner, etc.). Tell the DJ for wedding exactly what you want to be played at your wedding, including specific bands or songs. Despite their years in the industry, most wedding DJ services lack a crystal ball. Ultimately, it might be challenging for them to provide you with an unforgettable evening if they are unaware of your preferences and habits.


Put yourself in the frame of mind to consider the music that would make you happy. When you’re sober at 10 in the morning on a Monday, the music you choose will be different than when you’re drunk on a Friday night at 7 in the evening. Allowing wedding DJ services some leeway to have a say is a wonderful idea. If you have doubts about their reliability, it’s best to hire someone you trust more.

6. Table or DJ Booth

An essential piece of DJ for wedding equipment is the DJ booth or table. This is the designated area for the reception’s music setup and management by the DJ. Before you choose and set up the DJ booth or table, think about the following:


  • Booth or table size: Check that it can hold your laptop, mixer, turntables, CDJs, and any other equipment you use. In addition, you need not worry about feeling squished when you access all of your gear; plenty of room should be provided.
  • Height of the booth: For optimal comfort and ergonomics, your booth or table should be comfortable. If you don’t want to spend all day sprawled over your tools, adjust the height of your workstation so that you can stand up straight.
  • Stability of the booth: Your booth or table has to be solid enough to hold all your gear without swaying or trembling. In the case of turntables and other vibration-sensitive devices, this is of the utmost importance.
  • Outlook of the booth: Make sure your booth or table complements the wedding reception’s design scheme and exudes professionalism. Improving the aesthetic value of your booth or table might be as simple as adding a tablecloth or other decorative items.
  • Proper lighting: To ensure good visibility of your equipment and any controls or buttons, ensure your booth or table is well illuminated. To make it seem more celebratory, consider using some mood lighting.


You can’t have a DJ for wedding setup without a DJ booth or table. To have a beautiful and stress-free wedding reception, it is important to choose a booth or table carefully and set it up correctly.

7. Be Prepared with a Backup

If anything goes wrong, for example, would your Atlanta wedding DJ be able to continue performing if a key piece of equipment suddenly stopped working? After you’re ready, take stock of all you have and determine whether you need a backup; if so, locate a cheap substitute that will keep you going for at least one night. Before the next performance, you may always have the primary gear fixed or replaced.


To be ready for the worst-case situation, consider the following:


  • If anything goes wrong with DJ for wedding’s primary gear, have a backup. This includes supplementary audio equipment, speakers, microphones, and connections. Being prepared may save a lot of trouble and anxiety; it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Be careful to test your backup gear before the wedding to ensure it works appropriately. The last thing you need is to discover that your backup gear isn’t working just when you need it.
  • DJ for wedding should always prepare a backup playlist if your main music source stops working. A physical backup, such as a CD or USB drive, or a playlist created on an external device are also viable options.
  • In the event of a power failure or other technical difficulties, it is wise to inform the venue about their contingency preparations. To be ready for the worst, it helps to know what resources are at your disposal.
  • Ensure you always have emergency contact information and a first aid kit. Being well-organized and ready is always the best option.


If you follow these guidelines, you may be ready for any emerging technological problems and have a sound backup plan. Remember that having too much backup gear is worse than not having enough.


Some of the points mentioned above are solely for wedding DJs and not for the couples. However, it’s never too much information to have when it’s your wedding! So, remember these things when booking a DJ for wedding and have the time of your life with They’re Playing Our Song because we’re the best in Atlanta.


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