Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests


Many companies and event planners suggest you have this and that at your wedding to keep your guests busy and entertained. Choosing the right night entertainment for your wedding is a big deal, as our most recent survey found that an overwhelming 79% of couples ranked the satisfaction of their guests as the most essential aspect of wedding preparation.

Whether you’re seeking creative ways to keep your guests occupied throughout the wedding photography portion of the day or just want some fresh ideas for wedding night entertainment, you’ve found the correct spot.

If you want your wedding to be remembered (in a good manner), it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan for wedding night entertainment. If you’re looking for ways to keep wedding guests entertained, you’re in luck: we have many options for you to peruse.

Enjoy Traditional Wedding Activities

Many companies provide nostalgic options for those seeking creative enjoyment for their milestones. The pioneering business offers a variety of vintage gaming machines for wedding receptions, the most popular and friendly of which is the dancing machine.


The most exciting aspect of these wedding reception games? It never fails to delight audiences; most of the time, they have no idea it’s coming until the curtain comes down. The newlyweds may relax and enjoy themselves as their guests are captivated by this hilarious substitute for the first dance.

Set Up a Firework Show

What could be more fitting without a spectacular fireworks display to round off the wedding night? Not only are they photogenic, but they also provide the ideal finale for a party-filled day. Hire a professional fireworks provider and let them craft those enchanting moments of wedding entertainment; it’s not a smart idea to start igniting fireworks yourself after a day of festivity!

Coloring Corner for Kids

Simple wedding reception games like covering a table with Kraft paper and placing wedding-themed coloring books or paper for the kids to doodle on may amuse them for hours. They will remain silent!

Motivational Cards Made by Guests

Consider placing a post box and advice cards on a table for visitors to fill out with humorous bits of wisdom if you value their input. It’s a lighthearted and easy-to-implement wedding reception games that visitors will love.

Present Hampers

Guests will adore exploring a package of soothing treats in the bathroom, even if you may not consider this a night entertainment concept. Include not just the usual suspects like deodorant, hairspray, and spare toiletries but also some extras like a spritz of perfume, mints, lollipops, blotting paper, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, an iron for curling or hair straighteners with a heat-proof pad and an adult to supervise its use.

Create an Exciting Wheel

You may ensure your guests won’t become bored during your wedding reception by placing a wheel of fun nearby. This might be a delightful addition to your DIY wedding entertainment. If you’re overwhelmed by the project, this stylish rustic wedding spins the wheel and may easily fit into any location.


Moreover, you can include personalized activities that harmonize with your wedding hues. You may use it to present rates, break the ice, or begin a conga line.

Get Your First Dance Choreographed

Prepare to wow your guests by studying and executing an elaborate dance routine for your first dance. Couples known to be uncoordinated might wow their loved ones with their newfound abilities. A choreographed dance will not only stun your guests but also become a lifelong memory you can someday tell your kids and grandkids.

Get a Perfect Wedding DJ for Your Special Day

Having an Atlanta DJ for your wedding is the greatest method to ensure guests get up and dance, which may seem like stating the obvious. In addition to the several other DJs and bands available for weddings, we highly recommend They’re Playing Our Song, who will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long.

Make Sure Your Atlanta DJ is Well-Prepared For Your Wedding

The top wedding DJs follow a certain routine in the days leading up to the big day. Then, when you’re ready to interview Atlanta DJs, you may inquire about their preparation method if you have a good grasp on this. You can identify which wedding DJs are committed to their work and which ones see it more as a hobby by collecting this information.

Customizable Music Set

Depending on your preferences, wedding DJ services should play music that suits you. The wedding is for you. The song should be audible to you. Ask your DJ what they intend to play based on your suggestions after you’ve decided what sort of music you’d want to hear. The wedding DJ should also try to learn the couple’s music preferences, whether those preferences are specific to the wedding or the reception as a whole. A wedding DJ can better execute the set you’ve imagined with more specific instructions.

Interest and Achievement

If the wedding DJ can adjust to the couple’s preferences, that’s a major plus. The Atlanta DJ should often check in with the happy couple throughout the planning process to see if they have any specific requests or concerns and whether everything is going according to plan.


The ideal wedding DJs aren’t just attentive and the center of attention. Playing Spotify on repeat is best if the wedding DJ doesn’t interact with the guests. The job of the platinum DJ at a wedding is to make everyone feel comfortable and even encourage the non-dancers among the guests to get down and dance.

Have A Backup

DJs need to have backup plans in case anything happens to their equipment. The happy couple’s wedding might be ruined if the Atlanta DJ cannot play music due to technical difficulties. This is why it’s a good idea to inquire with your DJ about his backup gear, including if he has an additional laptop, speakers, connections, and microphones.

A Wedding DJ Essentials Checklist

If you want to hire a DJ, you’ll have to shell out cash for the music and the equipment. The best DJ setup for a wedding requires many components, which may drive up the price of the equipment. A wedding DJ only needs these items:


  • Portable audio devices
  • Bass resonators
  • Various lighting choices
  • Strong PA system
  • Laptop DJ controllers and turntables combine mixing and DJ functions into one convenient device.


Even though they’re bulkier than regular turntables, DJ controllers do away with the need for additional gear, so your Atlanta DJ can carry along extra speakers and lights. Pioneer DJ controllers are among the best on the market and should be owned by professional DJs.

PA System

A DJ’s setup would be incomplete without their PA speakers. DJs need to have various PA speaker choices to handle small and big groups. If your wedding is in a spacious location, such as a banquet hall, be sure the DJ has the equipment to project music across the whole space. Before hiring an Atlanta DJ  for your wedding, find out whether they have experience playing at venues of that magnitude. Among the best public address system brands are Pioneer DJ, JBL, PRX, and QSC K-Series.

Portable Audio Equipment

Being the event host is one of the DJ’s many duties. There are several benefits to using a wireless microphone instead of a tethered one while DJing a wedding. One advantage of wireless mics is that they are easier to set up; guests are less likely to fall over wires. With the freedom to move around with wireless mics, DJs can bring more energy to their sets.


When planning a wedding DJ setup, lighting is crucial, particularly if the customer wants a spectacular light display for the reception. For this reason, DJs should always have a variety of lights on hand. Event lighting, including stage lighting, may highlight the dance floor and set the mood for the father-daughter dance and the first dance.


DJs use strobe and laser lights in their sets, which amps up the party atmosphere. To provide you with a personalized experience, DJs should invest in lighting that can be programmed.

Best Wedding DJ in Atlanta!

If you are worried you won’t find the perfect Atlanta DJ for your wedding, we have you covered. Now, you don’t need to worry about keeping your guests busy during the wedding entertainment with tons of activities here and there. We know our work and have achieved a level of success in it.


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