When finalizing the song playlist for your unique Atlanta wedding, you should start early on the type of music. Why? To check how the chosen music well fits the theme. And if you and your partner are rock lovers and love to groove on upbeat music, you might be interested in including a couple of soft rock romantic songs for different parts of the day.


For an enjoyable time at the reception, get ready to explore soft rock songs that will get your guest in the mood to join in, dance, and party hard. Today, we are here to help you create a fantastic wedding playlist that covers every aspect of the day as required, right from walking down the aisle to the first dance and grand exit. With our extensive list of soft rock wedding songs, you are bound to find some inspiration.


You really got me- The Kinks.


“See, don’t ever set me free. I will always be by your side, Girl. You really got me now; you got me, so I can’t sleep at night”.


If you are looking for a non-traditional soft rock romantic song, then don’t forget to consider this iconic, classic tune. It has music your guest would instinctively remember and enjoy dancing and singing to. This is so amazing that you can use the song for any part of the day, from procession to exit.


No one knows- Queens of the Stone Age.


“Heaven smiles above me; what a gift here below.”


No One Knows is a soft rock wedding song with perfect lyrics if you are searching for a romantic and rocking song for the day. It is on our list of best rock wedding songs, and trust us, everyone is going to love it.


Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison


“Standing in the sunlight laughing, Hiding ‘behind a rainbow’s wall, slipping and sliding all along the waterfall with you.”


Brown Eyed Girl is a popular classic number, and apart from being a beautiful romantic soft rock song, it is loved worldwide. It is a must for any Atlanta wedding, and we can assure you everyone will enjoy its beat. The song by Van Morrison is great if you plan to include it in your first dance, but it will also work well if you want to have it for the father-daughter dance.


She drives me crazy- Fine Young Cannibals.


“She drives me crazy… and I can’t help myself.”


She Drives Me Crazy is a classic 80s number. It is a great song to play at your Atlanta wedding and can be included as your first dance or when you open the dance floor to all your guests.


Marry Me- Train

“Together can be close enough for me; feel like I am close enough to you.”


One of the major classic soft rock wedding songs perfect for the ones looking for non-traditional processional tunes is Marry Me. When you use this song, trust us, your walk will be memorable.


White Wedding- Billy Idol


“It is a nice day to start again; It is a nice day for a white wedding.”


Consider adding this song to your wedding playlist and add some good luck for the day. It’s a romantic soft rock song that is going to tell everyone how nice and beautiful a day it is for your white wedding. And as your wedding is an auspicious moment, include this number without default to make it even more memorable.


I’d do anything for Love- Meatloaf.


“And I would do anything for love; I’d run right into hell and back. I would do anything for love.”


The classic rock wedding number from Meatloaf is priceless and is perfect for ones who are die-hard rock lovers.


Love her madly- The Doors.


“Like she did one thousand times before. Don’t ya love her ways? Tell me what you say?”


Love her madly is particularly for spouses who simply can’t get enough of each other. Consider this soft rock song for weddings to express your love, emotions, and how you feel for one another. As one of the most popular and favorite rock wedding songs, it is always at the top of our list, and we suggest it should be on yours, too.


I don’t want to miss a thing- Aerosmith.


“Then I kiss your eyes, and thank God we are together.”


Any love story would be incomplete without this beautiful classic from Aerosmith. This song is good when you wish to express your love and feelings towards your partner. So why not consider it in the first dance? Believe us; you cannot go wrong with “I don’t want to miss a thing.”


Iris- Goo Goo Dolls


“Everything you are falls from the sky like a star.”


Any rock lover would enjoy using this romantic soft rock song, which is an excellent choice, especially for the first dance. If you want to have a touching tune for your wedding playlist, then this sentimental number is sure to make your evening rocking.


How Sweet It Is- James Taylor


“With sweet love & devotion, deeply touching my emotion…”


This is another soft rock wedding song for a reception that we recommend you consider for your wedding playlist. It is more of an upbeat number, and its beautiful tune is sure to lead your guests onto the dancefloor, singing and dancing along as they do.


Shut up and dance- Walk The Moon.


“A backless dress and some beat-up sneak, My discotheque Juliet’s teenage dream. I felt it in my chest as she looked at me.”


Shut Up and Dance is one of the perfect songs and is sure to get your reception party rocking. It is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when researching top rock numbers for weddings.


With this, we conclude some of the best romantic soft rock songs you can include on your Atlanta wedding playlist. From the wedding procession to the reception and first dance, these compiled songs are something you and your guests would surely enjoy. Just remember it is your wedding, your day, so you don’t have to stick to a specific number or classic. You may even try indies or alternative rock wedding songs if you have a desire for something different.


Also, if you are looking for more inspirational ideas on entertainment, don’t forget to read through our blogs. And if you need someone to play these rocking tunes for your dreamy celebration, contact us to be your Atlanta wedding DJ.