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How can choosing the right songs make your Atlanta wedding reception unforgettable?


The music you pick for your reception is directly responsible for setting the tone of your celebration. So, choosing the right wedding songs is key. Although it might involve some deep thinking, you need to take your time because you want to enjoy your special day to the fullest. However, one of the main things you should focus on is keeping your guests entertained. Therefore, you must do your best to pick songs that will work for everyone.


Remember that the music you choose will be connected to your memories forever. These are exceptional moments, so choosing appropriate tunes is crucial. We’re always speaking facts, so we won’t be lying to you- this process can become overwhelming. When couples finally get to the point of picking songs, they believe that the hard part of planning their special day is over. But it’s not exactly like that.


Nonetheless, you shouldn’t worry because we have a few tips that might come in handy. Having the right strategy for choosing music will make this task easier and ensure you nail it!


Chooser Different Music Genres 


Sticking to one genre might make your Atlanta wedding celebration monotonous, and you definitely want to avoid that! Not everyone will love the type of music you listen to regularly. Even though it’s your big day, you still want your guests to enjoy it. So, a balance between your favorite type of music and other genres is necessary.


In addition, you need to trust your music vendors. Consider that the DJ or band you hire are people with experience. They’ve probably attended so many weddings, so they basically know what guests love and expect. Plus, they can help you create a good flow between genres, so you’ll have a natural transition. Also, if you give them the green light, they can act on the spot. This means that they have the ability to read the energy in the room and decide what guests want at a given moment. They can liven up your celebration at any moment if you allow them to use their skills.


Select a Fine Set of Songs 


Even if you opt for a more intimate or laid-back union, you need a fine selection of wedding songs. For instance, offensive tunes or ones that contain cursing words might not make everyone comfortable. So, that’s something to exclude from your wedding playlist. In other words, while making your must-play song list, you shouldn’t forget to also make one with no-go ones!


If you really want some tunes that might not be as adequate, talk to your music vendor and find a solution. For instance, your DJ can play only a few lines of a certain song without including the offensive or unpleasant parts. There is always a solution, but you have to communicate with your vendor to come up with one.