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Wedding traditions in this blog.


General Wedding Traditions

Some wedding traditions often resonate worldwide, with couples often incorporating them as the core of their wedding celebrations. In fact, nearly everyone includes them on their big day. Couples always find ways to personalize and make them uniquely their own!

Wedding traditions are customizable and can be easily altered to suit a specific celebration style. Thus, you can include all of them and still create something authentic. Now let’s look at some common traditional wedding customs. We will also say a word or two about their origins!

  • Carrying a Bouquet 

Generally speaking, all brides opt to carry a bouquet for their celebration. In the past, it consisted of herbs. Nowadays, as wedding traditions become more modern, they select flowers they find suitable for their bridal theme. In ancient Greece and Rome, the spouse-to-be would carry a bouquet made of dill, garlic, and other herbs. It was believed to ward off evil spirits and bring luck to the marriage. Today, ladies select their favorite flowers and pair them with different greenery to make them more spectacular.

  • Wearing a Wedding Veil 

The wedding custom of wearing a veil dates back to ancient Rome. Women walked down the aisle with their faces covered and hid from evil spirits who wanted to destroy their marriage day. Nowadays, brides wear a veil to complete their bridal look. In addition to this, veils have become more modern and come in different styles, too. Some ladies wear one to cover their faces, while others opt for really lengthy ones that go all the way back.

  • Mailing Printed Wedding Invitations 

When it comes to invitations, couples still go for the old-fashioned way. In the past, only the English aristocracy used written wedding invitations. The noble class commissioned the monks or skilled calligraphers to write the special announcements. Now, modern couples still use this general wedding tradition. It’s an elegant and sophisticated way to announce their ceremony date.

  • Giving The Bride Away 

The wedding tradition of giving away the bride was a common part of arranged marriages in the past. Today, this custom takes a special place in bridal celebrations. It is an emotional moment for the daughter, her father, and all the guests at the union. During this part, the father escorts his daughter down the aisle to meet the person she is about to marry.

  • Including a Wedding Cake 

In ancient Rome, guests would use a loaf of bread and break it over the bride’s head. The meaning behind this was to increase fertility. Today, we have wedding cakes but without any symbolism. Couples choose cakes as they consider them the traditional dessert for a bridal celebration. Usually, these sweets suit the whole theme of the union. They are spectacular and extraordinary, too!

Finally, we covered the most common wedding traditions couples incorporate in marriage celebrations. Almost every couple decides to have them on their special day. However, they often adjust to make the occasion more unique and authentic. So, if you are getting married soon, remember that you can add as many customs as you want in your union. After all, there are many unique choices to make your event special.

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