How To Make Your Wedding Playlist With Your DJ?


When planning your wedding, sharing your ideas with vendors is crucial. For most aspects, a Pinterest board does the job, but this approach falls short for your wedding DJ. Unlike other vendors, your DJ needs a detailed wedding playlist. They require specific songs for various moments like the first dance, cake cutting, and general dancing. It’s not enough to leave the song choices up to the DJ’s discretion. They prefer to know your musical tastes to tailor the experience at both your ceremony and reception. However, this usually means extra effort on your part.

Compiling a playlist can be difficult. You must recall every song you enjoy and decide when each should be played. More importantly, you want to ensure the DJ doesn’t play any tunes you dislike. To simplify this process and avoid overwhelming you, our service offers an innovative online song selection tool. This allows you and your partner to craft your wedding playlist at your convenience.

To help you get started, here are some useful tips.

Choosing Songs for Each Key Moment

While the first dance song often gets the most attention, remember that your wedding is filled with many significant moments that also deserve their special tunes. Each of these moments creates an opportunity to add a personal touch through music:

  • Processional songs for the family and bridal party.
  • The iconic Wedding March.
  • Music for unique rituals like Candle Lighting or Sand Ceremonies.
  • The Recessional marks the end of the ceremony.
  • Introduction music as you enter the reception.
  • The First Dance, a spotlight moment.
  • Special Dedication to honor loved ones.
  • Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances.
  • Cake Cutting ceremony.
  • The Bouquet Toss.
  • Garter Removal, Toss, and Placement.
  • The Last Dance, and any other moments you wish to highlight with music.

Crafting Multiple Wedding Playlists

If you’re detail-oriented, you might be inclined to curate the ultimate wedding playlist to maximize fun and emotional resonance. However, flexibility is key. Wedding DJs know that the dynamics of the event can shift:

  • Guests may request songs.
  • Some tracks may not elicit the expected reaction.
  • You might miss out on playing a song you were particularly excited about.

Once your DJ understands your likes and dislikes, they can adeptly tailor a playlist to the event’s vibe. This adaptability is one of the main reasons to choose a professional DJ over a simple iPod and speaker setup. By giving your DJ a comprehensive idea of your musical taste, you enable them to weave a musical tapestry that enhances your wedding experience.

Include Popular Hits

Don’t overlook current chart-toppers, even if your musical taste leans towards the unique or unconventional. Like the latest Lizzo song, popular hits are often the key to a vibrant and energetic dance floor. Consider starting the dance segment of your wedding with universally appealing, upbeat songs such as Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” or “Swag Surf.” These tracks are excellent for drawing guests to the dance floor and setting a lively tone for the night.

Customizing According to Your Audience

Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner, but it’s also a shared experience with your loved ones. It’s important to choose music that caters to everyone’s tastes. Mix in both genres if your music preference is country but your partner’s family prefers rock. For those who enjoy contemporary beats but have parents who love Motown, include a variety of songs from artists like Boyz II Men or Beyonce. This way, you ensure a wedding playlist that keeps all your guests engaged and enjoying themselves.

Prioritizing Danceable Tracks

While slow songs are meaningful, your playlist should predominantly feature fast-paced, danceable music. Classics like Whitney Houston, Wanna Dance With Somebody, or Maze’s “Before I Let Go” are essential to create a memorable wedding atmosphere.

Typically, slow songs are used sparingly once the dance floor opens up to guests. Playing one slow song for every 8-10 upbeat tracks is a good balance. This maintains the energy of the party and keeps everyone from feeling the night is dragging. Remember, too many slow songs can dampen the festive mood you want to sustain throughout your wedding celebration.

Leave it to your DJ!

Knowing where to go for a reliable DJ is the first step in creating the perfect wedding playlist. Having a DJ with wedding expertise is crucial. This may seem like a little point, but it really distinguishes between various DJ techniques. A professional wedding DJ would listen to the client’s requests rather than playing their own music. They’re Playing Our Party Song and will have the dance floor filled all night. Our DJs are adept at assessing a room’s atmosphere and choosing songs that keep the dance floor crowded.

Trust Us With Your Wedding Playlist!

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While other DJs in Atlanta may wait for you to painstakingly gather and send in your song choices, we’ve revolutionized the process. With THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG, you get access to super convenient planning tools. Our service goes beyond music to create a unique soundtrack for your crucial day. Imagine a wedding where every song brings back memories, smiles, or bliss. That’s the experience we bring to your special day.

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If you want your guests to participate we have a unique system that they can request a song at the event on their phone and it goes directly to the DJ.