META: Want to include special Italian wedding traditions for your celebration? Discover La Tarantella – a dance that will surely get the heart pumping!

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La Tarantella

Thanks to their unique traditions, Italians have a way of making their wedding special. Their customs certainly are some of the most extraordinary ones. Embracing some of them in your bridal celebration can make a great difference. So, if you strive for authenticity, you need something to help you have a “wow” effect. One such detail can be La Tarantella – a traditional folk dance that can add uniqueness to your union!

In this blog, we will discuss how Italians incorporate rhythmic moves into wedding celebrations. You will learn all about Tarantella Italiana and why it is so special for the culture. This could be the feature that could leave your guests with unforgettable moments.

La Tarantella: An Extraordinary Joyful Experience

Nothing depicts Italy in a better way than traditional folk moves with joyous melodies. La Tarantella is a dance that adds a special touch to Italian weddings. It also uniquely portrays the culture!

The dance starts when guests join hands and move lively in a circle. As the tempo continues to increase, it represents the couple’s happiness and desire for marriage. The faster guests spin, the more luck and fortune they bring the newlyweds. The symbolism behind this Italian wedding tradition is amazing, but it is also quite fun to perform. It is not a surprise that Italian moves are so amusing and memorable.

Where Does La Tarantella Come From?

Whenever couples include La Tarantella in their weddings, just know that you are up for a good time. The fascinating nature of this dance always sparks interest, meaning many explore its origin.

Its name, “tarantellaâ€, is derived from the word “tarantula†– a type of spider. So, this jig is often referred to as “the dance of the spiderâ€. You may wonder why couples would include such a thing in their celebrations. But, the origin depicts an interesting story. Namely, in the 15th century, Italians in Puglia invented it as a cure for spider bites. Women had pinned around in an attempt to heal the venomous and often deadly wounds.

However, La Tarantella has evolved into a popular cultural dance performed at weddings after a while. Participants simply dance together in a circle and move happily around the newlyweds.

How Can You Make Your Wedding Memorable with La Tarantella? 

This is a fun Italian wedding tradition to include in your celebration, but remember to do it right! There are many traditional songs that you can play, and you can have a DJ perform them for you. All you will have to do is lead your guests through the steps of La Tarantella. It will be quite fun, and your guests will love it!

If you want a truly unique Italian wedding, then including La Tarantella is definitely a must-do. The traditional folk ritual is not only fun to perform, but it also holds great symbolism. So, to start your marriage on the right note, consider adding authentic elements to your wedding celebration!

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