When and how much to tip your DJ

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Planning your Atlanta wedding? Congratulations! We can only imagine the excitement, fun, and anticipation you must feel now. And why not? It’s the most beautiful day of your life, and you want it to be fabulously perfect. One of the most common questions couples ask is, “When and how much to tip the wedding DJ?”


First things first, it’s important to read through your contract carefully to see if tipping a wedding DJ is covered. Typically, you’ll notice most DJ’s do not include the tip when contracts are defined. Instead, they leave this decision to the couple, depending on their satisfaction with the service. So, the answer to do you tip your wedding DJ depends on whether they did a good job or not

If you’re really satisfied with the DJ’s services, the next concern is how much to tip the wedding DJ. Therefore, you may consider the overall experience right from the beginning before deciding the amount.

Here are a few things to remember:

How well has the DJ answered your requests?

  • Have they coordinated well with the planner or other vendors?
  • Did they conduct his services as per the timelines?
  • Did they arrive at the venue on time with all the necessary equipment?
  • Did they nicely announce all essential events, such as the couple’s entrance to the reception, special dances, toasts, etc.?
  • Did they play songs you requested and NOT play ones you didnt want played!!

Overall, you should note if your guests had fun and danced all night. If all goes well, you and your spouse should definitely tip the DJ. Generally, how much to tip the wedding DJ should range between 10-20% of the total billed amount. If your DJ did a fantastic job, consider tipping closer to 20%. It will show your appreciation for the effort they have put in for your Atlanta wedding to be full of fun, happiness, and memories.


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