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When you hire a DJ for your Atlanta wedding, you do not book a person who will only play music during your celebration. In fact, you might even question what Atlanta wedding DJs do! Well, allow us to provide a bit of clarity.


This is a person who has way more responsibilities than just selecting the next song for the dance floor. Your wedding DJ in Atlanta will ensure that everything related to entertainment runs smoothly so your reception goes as you have imagined.


Before booking an Atlanta wedding DJ, it is important to consult with them and find out about their services. Below, we have listed several wedding DJ duties:


  • Provides Sound Equipment 


It goes without saying that good music at a wedding is everything. However, everything will be for nothing if you do not have a high-quality sound system so that music can be heard. What does an Atlanta wedding DJ do, you ask? They will ensure you have everything from speakers to microphones so your celebration will go as planned. Your guests need to hear every announcement, speech, song lyrics of your first dance, and so on. Only then will you know that your guests are having the ultimate experience at your Atlanta wedding.


  • Ensures Proper Lighting


Many wedding DJs in Atlanta provide quality lighting for an event along with the rest of their services. They use small lighting systems that can be appropriately positioned to highlight the important areas of the venue. A wedding DJ that provides lighting can adapt their performance with adequate lights, so your celebration will have exceptional features.


  • Sets The Wedding Mood 


You will probably discuss the type of songs you want your Atlanta wedding DJ to play on your big day. However, what you thought would be great entertainment might not turn out as expected at the actual Atlanta wedding. Your DJ has the skills to shift the mood without any disruptions. They know when a change is necessary, so they can quickly react without the guests noticing it.


We hope that this blog has answered the question of what an Atlanta wedding DJ does. Your wedding DJ in Atlanta is more than someone who creates a playlist for your big day. It is a person who can guarantee a good time for all of your guests and eliminate any issues that might occur during the celebration. That is why making the right choice when it comes to a DJ is of crucial importance!


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