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How long do you need a DJ at your Atlanta wedding?

Do you know what’s the most highlighted part of any party? It is the music! All guests, no matter their age, will be thrilled to be on the dance floor, all thanks to the expert planning and execution of the services from the professional DJs. And why not? They play a huge role as an emcee for the evening reception. They introduce the happy couple, cake cutting, and other special events during the night. A professional wedding DJ can read the crowd well and play various songs that everyone will like. They will also allow you to create a customized playlist and include all your favorite songs. So, if you are wondering how long you need a DJ at your Atlanta wedding, we are here to help!

How long does a wedding DJ perform?

The length of the DJ performance at your celebration is pretty up to you. It just needs to suit your timeline. Also, it depends on the kind of party you want to have. Typically, it’s normal to hire a wedding DJ for up to 5-6 hours – usually from 7 p.m. to midnight. But remember, even the best professionals need a break at regular intervals. The same goes for your guests- they would happily take a break from dancing for a few minutes. You will typically need a DJ longer if you wish them to play your first dance song and if you want the party to extend well late at night.

Remember that the venue you choose may have a curfew time for playing music, which should be noted in the license. Therefore, you may need to stop at midnight if the venue is a hotel or is near a residential area.

Lastly, the answer to the question of how long should the person you choose djing on your wedding depends on how long you want your party to last. Nevertheless, preparing a timeline and discussing it with your DJ is important.

The music at your party will play an essential role in making the evening memorable and enjoyable. Therefore, choose your wedding DJ wisely to get the most out of your day!

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