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Your Guide To Creating The Ultimate Atlanta Wedding Playlist

A red circle with a phone on it

A red circle with a phone on it


Given that we are Atlanta wedding DJs, we believe there’s no better love language than music. When words fail, one song can magically capture everything you want to say without uttering a single word. On the other hand, your sweetest moments were most likely accompanied by the sound of music, which makes your memories even fonder. And now, since the time has finally come for you to make your love eternal, creating your Atlanta wedding playlist should be done with the utmost precision.


If you’ve ever made a playlist for someone, you already know it’s a delicate craft. It’s more than just putting on a bunch of your favorite songs. On the contrary, playlists should send a message from start to finish, evoking a certain vibe that’s dictated by your song choices. With that in mind, your Atlanta wedding playlist should embody romance, joy, and celebration, as the day is reserved for your love only. While this may sound simple at first, if you try to make one, you may be surprised at how challenging the process can get.


As Atlanta wedding DJs, creating playlists is a regular occurrence. So, because of our skill and expertise, we’ve created a guide on creating the best Atlanta wedding playlist! By using the following tips, everyone will remember the entertainment you provided for the big day!


Create The Playlist Together


We’re sure that you’ve had a go at creating a playlist for your loved one at least once in your life, and the process of it has been generally easy. All you needed to do was tap into your love for each other, and just like magic, all the songs started popping into your head. When it comes to the playlist for your wedding, however, you need both parties included.


Since your wedding songs need to reflect your unique relationship, both of you need to select which ones remind you of it. It can be the song you first danced to, the one you sing your lungs out to – anything that makes your love one-of-a-kind! Our final advice (for this part at least!) is to go as personal as possible – this will make your Atlanta wedding playlist truly special!


Ask Your Guests For Recommendations


The Atlanta wedding ceremony is going to be all about you, so the reception is reserved for your loving guests! Hosting a party for them is a must, and what better way to hype up the atmosphere than by playing all of their favorite songs?


You can create an open playlist on music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, where you and all of your guests can add a list of their top 10 songs. Later, you can use some of their suggestions when you create the final Atlanta wedding playlist. A great time is guaranteed!


Stay On Par With The Theme


Another aspect you need to pay attention to is the style of your Atlanta wedding. EDM on a classic affair just doesn’t mesh, right? For that reason, when you’re choosing the songs for your celebration, make sure it fits with its overall vibe. You can go a little bit off-course with your picks, but be careful not to wander off too far. Simply stick to the general atmosphere, and you’ll be good to go!


However, this can also be a great opportunity for you to get creative and add a bit of flair to your Atlanta wedding playlist. Say that you’re both avid fans of some movie, book, or game. Generally, all of these are accompanied by some kind of official or fan-made soundtrack. If they’re dramatic enough, this will be the perfect way to make an entrance to your Atlanta wedding that no one will ever forget!

Create a No-Play List


Aside from your main Atlanta wedding playlist, you may want to create a ‘no-play’ one as well. Since most wedding DJs in Atlanta add a personal touch when they’re playing your chosen songs (which is always appreciated!), they’ll usually incorporate a song that will make the atmosphere even better! However, they may play one that you hate. To prevent that, make sure you share your ‘no-playlist with your Atlanta wedding DJ so the celebration goes on without a hitch!


90-10 Rule


Naturally, you want the reception to be lively all of the time, which is why you should choose a lot of upbeat songs for your Atlanta wedding playlist. But you shouldn’t pay a blind eye to the power of ballads! Every celebration should have that moment where all couples are swaying slowly with each other, though it shouldn’t last long. With that in mind, when picking out your wedding songs, make sure that 90% of them are upbeat and ‘happy’, while slow jams and more ‘sensual’ songs should take up 10% of your playlist.


Establish The Duration Of Th

e Playlist


This is probably the hardest part of making a playlist for your wedding. If you’re playing music from the very beginning i.e., the ceremony, know that you should have at least 5 hours of music ready! As a rule of thumb, you should mostly focus on the cocktail hour and reception duration. You can play one hour of music during cocktail hour and 3-4 hours at the party.

Conveniently for you, the rule of ‘more-is-more’ works quite well with your Atlanta wedding playlist. In other words, the more songs you have, the ‘safer’ you’ll be. Just make sure that it sticks with the theme!


The Final Step