Worst Wedding Song Selection: Biggest Wedding Song Don’ts

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Making the playlist for your bridal celebration is not an easy thing to do. You have to think about a lot of factors that can influence the atmosphere of your reception, so it is a task that involves a strategy. The best thing to do when beginning to plan your playlist is to eliminate the worst wedding song choices and ensure that you avoid making the most common mistakes when it comes to choosing music for your big day.


To make your life easier when selecting your bridal tunes, we have included the things you should avoid doing below. Staying away from the biggest wedding song don’ts will ensure you are making the right choices. Knowing what to cross out from your list will make this task less stressful, and you will be more confident about the decisions you make.


Don’t Make Your Final Choices Without Consulting Your Music Vendor

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While it is your Atlanta wedding and your playlist, you still should not make the final decision on your own. You may enjoy your favorite songs in a special way, but some of them might not be adequate for a bridal celebration. Unless you are a DJ or are in a band, you cannot possibly know what creates good entertainment at a celebration. If you do it on your own, you could easily include the worst wedding songs in your playlist.


That is why you should consult your music vendor before making the final choices for your playlist. This way you will know for sure what will work for your reception. Moreover, you will be able to create a do-not-play wedding list. In other words, you will be on the safe side with your picks, meaning you will not have to worry about your guests not having a good time.


Don’t Pick The Songs On Your Own 


When it comes to reception tunes, you should consider taking recommendations rather than selecting the songs on your own. Even though it is your special day and you should enjoy it to the fullest, this kind of thinking can easily lead you to the worst wedding song choices.


So, rather than doing this on your own, involve other people in your decisions. When we refer to other people, we mean the guests. It is a good idea to involve your guests in the process of creating your Atlanta wedding playlist. You will know what they expect, so you can consider some of their suggestions in your music choices. In turn, you will ensure that they will have a good time.


However, this does not mean that you have to take all the suggestions. Instead, pick the ones you think go with the style of your wedding and your own taste. Sometimes, you might not be a fan of a certain genre, but if most of your guests are, why not give them the chance to enjoy it? Including a few songs will not hurt your playlist and your friends and family will have a good time.


Don’t Forget to Make A List of Songs You Don’t Want at Your Celebration 


As you make your list of tunes for the celebration, you should do one that involves songs that are a strong “no†for your reception. Generally, there are some that are not suitable for a bridal occasion – either because of the music or the lyrics. So, take time to go through a list of the worst songs to play at a wedding. Here are some examples of inadequate tunes:


  • Single Ladies – Beyonce
  • The Macarena – Los Del Rio
  • My Humps – The Black Eyed Peas
  • White Wedding – Billy Idol
  • You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
  • Jolene – Dolly Parton


All of these include lyrics that are not really appropriate for an occasion in which a couple just got married. Even if you love these tunes, skip them for your big day. They belong to the list of the worst wedding songs in general. So, if they did not work for newlyweds around the world, they would not work for you either.


Don’t Mix a Lot of Genres 


Including a few genres of music in your celebration is recommended because you want to have something for everyone. Nonetheless, do not lose yourself in the mixing. If you add too many different types of music, you will not have a concept that goes with your bridal style. We are not talking about a random party but a special and significant occasion. So, too many genres will simply not work.


Try to keep it to two or three max. That will be enough to create a lively atmosphere and keep the guests entertained. However, do not stick to only one because you do not want a monotonous celebra

tion. You do not want your guest to be bored!


Don’t Make Your Playlist Too Short 


Once you make your playlist, make sure it is not too short. Your band or DJ will need backups if certain songs are unsuitable for a particular moment. The music vendor you choose will know how to liven up the atmosphere, but if your songs do not work for that purpose, they will need to play by their own choice.


Some couples do not want to be surprised on their big day by tunes they have not agreed on. Others might not mind that much. However, if you do not want tunes you have not requested for your reception, make a list with enough choices. That way, your music vendor will always have a plan B if things do not go as planned.

Following these tips might help you plan the reception you dream of. Entertainment plays a crucial role in the success of your union, so be careful with your choices. Eliminating the so-called worst wedding songs will ensure you will not spoil the atmosphere of your celebration and guarantee that you will have t

he time of your life!


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