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The epic first dance

Performing your first couple’s dance may seem daunting with all eyes set on you and your partner. However, you must accept that the thought of taking on the dance floor with a spotlight on can make you feel stage fright. If you’re anxious about the idea of the first dance and are looking for ways to make it a bit more special, we are here to help you. Today, we will share our best tips and ideas for making your first wedding dance memorable and photo-worthy. Don’t believe us? Calm your nerves, and let’s read through how to make for an epic first dance that truly stands out.


  • Sparkling first spin


One way of enhancing your celebration is by using sparklers for your dance. You can have your bridal party and a few guests surround you with sparklers, which have a longer burn time. We recommend longer burn time sparklers because only these will last for almost the entire length of your dance. It will make your first dance shine even brighter and add a touch of magic that will be etched in your heart forever.


  • Dancing on the clouds


It’s one of the most magical, elegant add-ons for the day. The moment becomes truly beautiful as you start dancing surrounded by white clouds. The effects will last your entire first wedding dance, and the memories you create will stay forever. Also, it will make for the most picture-perfect moments to cherish for eternity.


  • Cold Sparklers


These are perfect choices for enhancing the dance and grand exit experience. Cold sparklers use no heat, fire, or any dangerous flames, and they still create amazing showers of sparklers. They add a perfect touch to your moment and photos to last a lifetime while wowing your guests simultaneously.

  • Snow Effect


Love winter wedding ideas? How about having a snow effect as you dance with your partner and everyone cheering around? Sounds lovely! It will leave an ever-lasting impression on everyone present, creating a beautiful spectacle cherished in your photos forever. Whether you wish to infuse it with your first wedding dance or want a memorable send-off, adding a snow effect is the perfect choice to make your special day shine.


  • CO2 party guns


These party cannons blast out cold air, but worry not; they are safe to inhale and dance to. You can use the party guns to create stunning visual effects and good party vibes. Initially, the guests would feel the cold atmospheric change, which would cool down immediately as the gun discharges super cold CO2.

Your marriage celebration is one of the most magical moments of your life, and we know you want every aspect of it to be enchanting. Adding some of the add-ons we suggested above to your first wedding dance will create a captivating and memorable experience for you and your guests. It also will provide iconic photos to remember your very first dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnhkC74t7w8&pp=ygUPRklSU1QgREFOQ0UgRk9H We hope you liked our ideas and would love to incorporate a few of them for your big moment.

Happy dancing!


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