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Music is an integral and meaningful part of every celebration, especially weddings. This is why newly engaged couples prioritize choosing DJs for their special day. As entertainers, we regularly get questioned by couples on a lot of aspects related to music, and one of the most common is the Atlanta wedding DJ cost. So, if you are wondering about the Atlanta DJ price, there is no short answer since the cost will depend on your preferences. 
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Before you choose the DJ for your Atlanta wedding, first determine what exactly your needs are. Are you looking to cover a multi-day event, an intricate light display, or more? Once you have decided on the entertainment options, you can begin with your search. Ideally, if you just want a wedding DJ in Atlanta for the reception, it can cost you up to $1,000.

Setting Realistic Expectations

In the age of DIY celebrations, we often hear tales of people attempting to handle music and coordinate events amongst themselves or through cousins, friends, etc. You may consider this a viable option, thinking DJing is about plugging auxiliary cords into the system. While anyone can buy a cheaper DJ software and call themselves a DJ, but do they have experience pulling 6-7 hours of events, managing the crowd, timelines, and flow of the evening? Well, Atlanta wedding DJ services are more complex than that. So, don’t be surprised if the Atlanta DJ wedding cost goes up the $5,000 – $6,000 mark. 

The average Atlanta DJ prices you can expect for up to a 5-hour wedding are:

  • Part-time hobbyist, beginner, or a family friend – $250 – $700
  • Part-time DJ (more experience than beginners) – $550 – $1,100
  • Full-time DJ, professionally trained and most experienced – $5,000 – $6,000.

Now you know the base of the budget for entertainment for the day. So, if your budget is limited, you are probably better off saving dollars by having a part-time hobbyist or family friend manage the event. But if you need professionals to be the day’s highlight, consider hiring a full-time Atlanta wedding DJ. They are well-trained, experienced professionals and commit all of their time to making sure they are as close to perfect as they can be. 

As Atlanta Wedding DJs, we spend hours ensuring your 5-6-hour wedding reception is perfect. The memories you are going to make will indeed be priceless. Therefore, when considering the Atlanta wedding DJ cost, understanding the company you hire will set the tone for the entire event. 

To learn more about music and how we can help your day go off without a hitch, read through the rest of our blogs. Also, if you are considering hiring a wedding DJ in Atlanta, we welcome you to get in touch with us.