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When to book your wedding DJ?

One of the most thrilling events in your life would probably be planning for your wedding in Atlanta. Obviously, you’re excited to marry your favorite person, but planning can often be an overwhelming experience. So  where do you start? One of the most important aspects is when you should book the vendors. Especially when you need to hire a great wedding DJ. With decades of experience in the wedding and entertainment industry, we are here to answer this question for you!


One of the first services you want to book for your special day is your Atlanta wedding DJ.  They’re directly responsible for the entertainment so we recommend booking a DJ at least nine months to a year in advance. They aren’t just there to play the music, but also to emcee the evening festivities and ensure you and your guests enjoy the party.

The reason why we recommend you hire a wedding DJ ahead of time is to ensure you can book the person you specifically want. Otherwise, you might be disappointed they’re already booked for your date! Do yourself a favor and book them in advance.

A great Atlanta wedding DJ will make your special night memorable. Also, as most weddings are restricted to a couple of days per week, some other couple may decide to get married on the same date as you. Therefore, they’re likely also seeking the best entertainment option. Booking early will leave you plenty of time to communicate with and solidify your desired DJ. Your DJ, can also recommend other vendors, such as the best photographers, videographers, florists, etc.

Give yourself more time for research before you hire a wedding DJ. Don’t feel unnecessary pressure to close deals immediately. If you need more inspirational ideas, don’t forget to read our blogs!!!