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Can you imagine your wedding without music? Of course not! After all, music is the soul of any celebration, and weddings are no exception. It can set the mood right, get the people dancing, and create endless memories that surely last a lifetime. So, who could be better than a professional Atlanta wedding DJ to ensure a rocking celebration?!

An experienced wedding DJ is more than just a person who would play the songs to get the party going. They are a trained expert who knows how to create the perfect vibes for the evening. However, when we are in the process of choosing them, we often forget a few aspects, which can cost us a big time. Wondering what aspect are we talking about? It’s insurance! We often overlook whether the wedding DJ in Atlanta we are hiring is insured or not because entertainment issues don’t fall high on the things you need to worry about

For the same reason, today, we will discuss more about how critical it is for you to have an insured wedding DJ in Atlanta.

A red circle with a phone on itWhy is insurance critical?

Having a positive approach in life is always good, but sadly, several things can go wrong during the event. Some common mishaps could be the equipment not working, guests getting injured after the fall of any equipment, inappropriate music being played, and, worst of all – no backup to continue with the show. Now, you must be wondering how to prevent any mishaps from the DJ’s end from occurring. The answer is straightforward! Hire an insured wedding DJ in Atlanta!

Every Atlanta wedding DJ should hold insurance, but unfortunately, many of them turn a blind eye to it. Why? Because we all think that everything will be okay and insurance is a waste of money. However, the reality is accidents happen, and coming unprepared could potentially cost more than anything else. If you are planning your Atlanta wedding, don’t forget to consider this important aspect. While researching potential experts, check if they have an insurance policy because an uninsured DJ can bring unreliable equipment to the events, which could end up injuring your guests.

Typically, the wedding DJs in Atlanta carry general liability insurance. It protects against potential risks such as property damage and personal injuries. We are pleased we are one of the professional DJs carrying insurance, and the reasons why we recommend hiring insured wedding DJs in Atlanta are listed below. 

Protects You

Insurance provides financial coverage during unexpected events such as fire, theft, or injury that can ruin your event. With it, the losses can be covered either caused by theft from either outsiders or employees. Also, wedding DJs in Atlanta use expensive equipment that can be damaged during the event. Should it break or cause an injury to anyone present, you can be held liable. 

Hiring an insured wedding DJ in Atlanta will protect you from such kinds of risk. Some policies could be expensive, but it’s all worthwhile with the kind of peace it offers. Therefore, consider all types of insurance available and how they work before deciding.

Protects wedding venue

Insurance is helpful not just for you but the venue as well. Many venues require a license from DJs. Therefore, if they’re not licensed, the venue might create issues and not let the DJ perform. To avoid any last-minute issues, bringing an expert who is fully insured on board is good. 

Protects your guests

An insured wedding DJ in Atlanta not only saves you from financial distress but also protects your guests. By hiring one, you avoid putting yourself in a situation where your guests could sue you for damages, and you, in return, sue your DJ for the accidents. For example- Sparkler fountains used on the DJ floors are harmless, but if someone accidentally trips over them and gets hurt, then you can be assured everything will be better as the DJ carries insurance. Though it is on the extreme side of what can potentially happen, you never know.

Lastly, you are the host of the event and responsible for what your guests and vendors do at the venue. Today, most venues will have clauses mentioned in the contract because they want to be protected from the damage caused by the negligence of the outside vendors. So, if your DJ isn’t insured and an accident happens, you are on the hook for the damages caused. 

What You Need From DJ?

When researching for Atlanta wedding DJs, have the conversation about the insurance status early, and don’t take them for a word. They would be happy to demonstrate proof of insurance if they are truly professional. Here’s what you would need from them-

  • Business liability coverage
    As DJs work in business, they must show business liability coverage. So, if the certificate they show does not include business liability coverage, just walk away.
  • Coverage limit
    Check with the wedding venue to see what amounts of insurance they require. And then check with the DJ to make sure everything matches well.
  • Expiration date
    Most of the policies renew annually, so if the current policy is set to expire before the event date, you need to follow up with DJ for a renewed copy.

Additional tips to avoid problems:

  • Ask for insurance proof.
  • You can get DJ liability insurance for a day.
  • Do not hire uninsured DJs!

As an Atlanta Wedding DJ, we recommend that you be on the lookout for insurance. Wedding planning is stressful, so it is important to research and find the right service provider for you. It might initially feel tempted to take people for their word and hire them, but never do that. You can rush into everything, especially when signing a contract. It is a mistake many people often make, which can lead to a lot of problems. Simply put, an insured wedding DJ in Atlanta is your best bet!

A red circle with a phone on itThey’re Playing Our Song Insurance

They’re Playing Our Song DJ always carries 1 million in liability insurance coverage. In our 20-plus years of wowing brides, we’ve never had to use it. It is certainly one more thing for peace of mind to help you enjoy your special day. In addition, our company can even get a specific waiver for certain venues for the day of your event to protect you even further!

It’s your Atlanta wedding and should be memorable for all the right reasons. So, if you are looking for an insured Atlanta wedding DJ, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Lastly, relax, enjoy your wedding to the fullest, and make endless memories before the night ends. 

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