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When choosing the right wedding Atlanta wedding DJ, you should not only look into the prices as a component that fits your budget. So, even if you are trying to stay on a budget, you need to know what you get for the price you pay. You do not want to hire a DJ only for your Atlanta wedding because their rates are low. In the end, you’ll surely end up disappointed on what is supposed to be your most special day. After all, you are paying for an experience, right?

That is why we are transparent when it comes to our business, and informing you about our services is our priority. We want you to be aware of everything you will get from hiring us as your Atlanta DJ entertainment. And we truly want to provide you with the best and most deeply personal experience. Therefore, being open about what our services include is our ultimate goal!

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What Is Included in Our Atlanta Wedding DJ Services? 

As highly-acclaimed Atlanta wedding DJs, we aim to give newlyweds the time of their life, i.e., a spectacle they deserve to celebrate their love. So, we do not only want to give you a list of songs to keep you entertained yet with no personality. On the contrary, we strive to provide you with a service that will meet all your expectations. Here’s what you will get:

  • Exceptional sound systems

When we provide our Atlanta wedding DJ services for such a special occasion, we strive to make everything perfect. So, we offer reliable and high-quality sound systems that match the size of the venue and the guest number. For example, we need to bring the right equipment if your venue space is big – what would be the point to start playing music if not all can hear it? Moreover, we always test our equipment beforehand so you do not face any issues during your big day. 

  • Spectacular special effects 

We can make your day truly dreamy with our special effects. Namely, we offer fog and bubbles for the dance floor, so you and your guests can feel the magic of love and music when dancing. In addition, this can look great in your bridal photographs and create mesmerizing and unforgettable moments. 

  • Portable screen for an amusing slideshow 

You will want to keep your guests entertained at all times. So, having a slideshow on your big day is a certain way to achieve that. We offer a portable screen where you can present photos of your love story, special moments of your relationship, or even videos. Along with playing your favorite hand-picked tunes, we are here to make your dream wedding turn into reality with all the tiny details! 

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  • Wireless microphones for both ceremony and reception 

If you have a big celebration, you cannot run the risk of having guests not listen to your expected “I doâ€. Also, you do not want anyone to miss the big speeches of the family members and the wedding party. They are part of your special day, so you must ensure no one misses them! With that in mind, we always include a microphone on-hand in our equipment. After all, no wedding DJ in Atlanta, GA, is complete without one!

  • Personalized detailed planning 

Choosing an Atlanta wedding DJ for entertainment requires a perfect sync of everything that is included in the celebration. In other words, you need every song to match the setting and every special effect to contribute to a special moment. Our services include close collaboration with you and your vendors, so everything turns out as you imagine. We like to take care of every little detail and deliver perfection! 

Hiring a wedding DJ in Atlanta, GA, does not only mean getting a person to play music for your guests. Creating the ideal ambiance takes more than that! For that reason, our services include more than just a playlist of popular wedding songs. They are specially customized experiences to fit your story.

For more information on our Atlanta wedding DJ services, feel free to check out our other blogs!