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Even though we have years of experience working as Atlanta wedding DJs, we cannot tell you how many times a bride came to tell us to play another song immediately. While it was highly confusing at first, over the years, we’ve learned that there’s one thing most couples forget to include – do-not-play wedding songs.

Of course, there are certain songs that most people dread since they’re overplayed constantly. “Shape of You†ring a bell? Alternatively, certain songs are either a cliche or an absolute taboo. Just imagine Adele’s “Someone Like Youâ€, the ultimate break-up song, playing at your Atlanta wedding. The horror! That’s why, in this blog, we’re highlighting the importance of making a wedding do-not-play list, and we’ll also include a few suggestions you might want to avoid.

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For starters, break-up ballads are songs that shouldn’t be played at weddings – period. We understand you may love Taylor Swift’s calamitously sad songwriting but read the room. Your Atlanta wedding should be a celebration of love, not the complete opposite. Therefore, tunes that talk about devastating heartbreak are definite do-not-play wedding songs!

On the other hand, songs like “Perfect†and “Thinking Out Loud†by Ed Sheeran are, in fact, incredibly beautiful. However, they are part of almost every single wedding. Of course, as wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA, we encourage couples to hand-pick their song choices, and if you love these two, then include them. But, if you’re feeling uninspired, dig deep through the vault of your song collection and choose the ones that speak most to your heart. Only then can you see that these two songs might come on the list of do-not-play wedding songs.

Finally, cliches are also commonplace in most weddings. Naturally, some guests will be just on the edge of their seats, eager to start a line or chicken dance. If you don’t have a do-not-play wedding song list, they’ll come up to the DJ and request it. Assuming that most people dislike cliches, this is a recipe for disaster. The same goes for Beyonce’s “Single Ladiesâ€. Of course, you want to honor your single friends, but time and place, people!

In short, think long and hard about your wedding do-not-play list and include all the songs you absolutely dread. Then, your Atlanta wedding DJs will know the “forbidden” ones, ensuring that your wedding runs seamlessly, with the best songs playing throughout the whole event!

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA, don’t hesitate to contact us! In the meantime, make sure to read the rest of our blogs!