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So, you’ve opted for an Atlanta wedding DJ instead of a band. Right from the start, we would like to assure you that you’ve made the perfect choice! However, one thing boggles many couples – how much control do you have over your wedding playlist? To clear up the confusion, we will provide our expertise, ensuring that your Atlanta wedding goes sublimely.

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Just like bands, all wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA, are different. Some like to take complete control of the music, others are open to suggestions. As Atlanta wedding DJs with years of experience, we proudly fall into the latter group, and the reason is simple as ever. Our job is not to educate you in music, nor do we want to bother you with our wedding DJ playlists. On the contrary, we want your experience to be as personal as ever. Therefore, before we even begin making the deal, the first thing we ask you about is your music preference. Moreover, we’d also like to know if there are any wedding songs you’d like to have featured since we know that one specific tune perfectly captures your unique love story.

However, don’t worry if you are stumped with your choices. Let’s say that you love a specific artist but don’t want to drown your guests with their music, as it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For starters, we actually encourage you to play your favorites – the more, the merrier! It’s your celebration, and your wedding songs should be deeply meaningful to both of you. Additionally, since we have plenty of experience working as Atlanta wedding DJs, we understand entirely that perfecting the playlist may get challenging. In that case, you give us a certain theme or genre, and we’ll curate it having your taste in mind. Sometimes, you only need to give us one simple song – we’ll take care of the rest!

So, to answer your question – if you choose us to be your Atlanta wedding DJs, you have all the control in the world! Your choices, along with our must-have wedding songs, will surely create a magical experience. Don’t be surprised if the dancefloor never stops blazing – and that’s just one trick up our sleeve!

To find out more about music for your Atlanta wedding, read the rest of our blogs. Finally, if you’re considering hiring a wedding DJ in Atlanta, GA, look no further than us. We guarantee that your celebration will completely reflect yourselves (and your music choices!)