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Whenever wedding planning comes to mind, there is one debate that comes as quite the challenge – the ongoing dispute of band vs. DJ for weddings. Since we are Atlanta wedding DJs, you can already expect which side we favor. However, just as we aim to bring a highly personal experience to every couple, transparency is also one of our main goals. Therefore, in this blog, we will show you why you need a DJ for your Atlanta wedding with no bias in sight!

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The Cost

Budget is usually a deal-breaker for many couples, and typically, the entertainment is often overlooked. Undoubtedly, bands are more expensive compared to wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA. It’s simple math, really – when you’re paying for a band, you’re covering the cost for each individual member. Alternatively, DJs cost significantly less since you’re paying for only one person.


One of the biggest pros of Atlanta wedding DJs lies in their versatility, i.e., their repertoire. Wedding bands usually have their own tried-and-tested repertoire, so they might not be able to fulfill all of your song requests. In contrast, DJs can practically play whatever you want, when you want it! That said, if you want to make sure that your Atlanta wedding is as personal as ever, booking a DJ is the best choice you can make! 

Crowd Control

Plenty of couples think that all Atlanta wedding DJs do is play music for a couple of hours. While there’s truth to that, we actually do a lot more! Since we arrive with all of our equipment,  you don’t need to worry about sound systems, mics, and so forth. Moreover, if you have an announcement to make or want to express your deepest gratitude to your guests, we can simply pause the music, do your diligence, and continue where we left off! Of course, you can do this with bands as well. However, it’s quite rude to interrupt someone in the middle of a song, especially if they’re having their moment. Finally, if the crowd needs a little pick-me-up, let your DJ act as an MC for a moment and see how everyone gets hyped in a matter of seconds!

Undoubtedly, hiring an Atlanta wedding DJ is fool-proof since they are more flexible and can adapt to your specific needs. Of course, everything comes down to your choice, so plan accordingly ahead of time. Either way, we’re sure your celebration will be a spectacular success!

Searching for the best wedding DJs in Atlanta? Feel free to reach out to us! Read the rest of our blogs for more information, or contact us directly for further inquiries.