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As you know, the world of weddings is constantly changing with the times, and wedding songs in 2023 are no exception. Of course, certain classics like “Love Story†by Swift and “Marry You†by Mars will probably remain on every wedding playlist, no matter which year it is. However, as trends come and go, being Atlanta wedding DJs, it’s our job to keep up with the times and bring the freshest tunes for your big day.

In previous years, rock, especially soft rock, was a favorite for couples everywhere! It seemed that every couple wanted to make their grand entrance to “We Will Rock You†and finish off their night with “The Final Countdownâ€. But, all of this changed once disco started resurging, as Dua Lipa and Daft Punk practically revived it. Consequently, most dancefloors started becoming replicas of Studio 54 itself. In some over-the-top instances, couples truly embodied the disco theme and even made entrances on horseback! On the other hand, certain lovebirds wanted their celebrations to be the epitome of classiness. As a result, they opted for classical pieces, replacing DJs and bands with full-stringed orchestras.

2023 tells a much different story – check out any wedding playlist for 2023, and you’ll see what we mean. Disco is still a prominent genre, as people love getting their groove on Donna Summer and Chic. However, since the newest generations are discovering “new†music through social media, many younger couples are choosing iconic pieces from the 90s and 00s to be part of their wedding songs in 2023.

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To ensure that you’re keeping up with the times, we have prepared a list of music trends that will dominate love celebrations in 2023. On top of that, since we are wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA, we’ll also mention some of the best wedding songs for 2023, including our favorite lyrics that pluck our heartstrings beyond compare.


As previously mentioned, Gen-Z is taking the idea of weddings and reinventing it to suit their wild and incredibly authentic personality. Gone are the times for choosing wedding music that will suit the masses. On the contrary, younger couples are choosing their favorite artists and bands to be featured on their wedding playlists for 2023. Some even go to the lengths of playing their entire albums! As Atlanta wedding DJs, they’re certainly making our job much easier. Joking aside, we love this trend since we always aim for the music to reflect your story. That said, if you want your celebration to be filled with songs by Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo, let no one stand in your way!

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Ever since Lipa dropped her record-breaking album “Future Nostalgiaâ€, everyone has jumped on the wagon from thumping rap beats to the groovy sounds of funk and disco. Naturally, many DJs saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring back the classic with a slight twist. For instance, we took Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now†and mashed it up with Madonna’s iconic “Hung Upâ€. You won’t believe how the dancefloor lit up! This way, you’re creating the perfect wedding playlist since you’ll feature something for everyone’s liking. Also, you can use this nostalgic element as part of your songs to walk down the aisle in 2023. For the processional, make your entrance to Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Loveâ€, followed by Sheeran’s dreamy “Perfectâ€.

Sped-Up Songs

As you open up Spotify, you’ll see that almost every new song has two versions included – the original and the sped-up version. This trend emerged from TikTok for reasons unknown. As Atlanta wedding DJS, in recent times, we usually get the request, “Can you play the sped-up version of x?â€. At first, we were confused; however, we quickly figured out why we were getting the request too much. Have a speedier version of your favorite song? Don’t hesitate to include it on your playlist.

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We’ve shown you the biggest trends for wedding songs in 2023. Now, it’s time to list our favorite choices that will surely spruce up your big day!

Wedding Songs for 2023 – Our Top 3 Picks

  • “Mastermind†– Taylor Swift

There’s no stopping the Swift hype train, as she’s breaking records left and right! Her newest addition, “Midnights†is one of the most successful albums ever. Thus, it is no surprise that its songs are featured in numerous weddings. Although heartbreak seems to be a prominent theme on the album, “Mastermind†surely caught us by surprise as it’s whimsically romantic. Moreover, it’s the perfect song to walk down the aisle in 2023!

Lyrics: I laid the groundwork, and then I saw a wide smirk / On your face, the entire time / You knew that I’m a mastermind / And, now you’re mine.

  • “Love Of My Life†– Harry Styles

Just like Swift, Harry is surely one of the most successful artists of the new generation. The dazzling style and that oh-so-romantic voice is sure to make you swoon! Naturally, his hits are becoming the biggest wedding songs for 2023. However, “Love of My Life†is an ode to love itself, making it the perfect tune to celebrate your new life chapter together.

Lyrics: “Baby, you were the love of my life, woah/Maybe you don’t know what’s lost ’til you find it”

  • “Skate†– Bruno Mars, Anderson. Paak

As wedding DJs in Atlanta, GA, part of our job is to always have “Marry You†by Mars loaded up on our laptops. Always. But, after a brief pause from the scene and the iconic hit “Uptown Funkâ€, Bruno completely reinvented his image. Along with Anderson Paak, he incorporated groovy sounds into their collaborative album, and simply put – they made magic. That said, “Skate†is another must-have wedding song for 2023!

Lyrics: “I never fall, but tonight you got me fallin’ for you/And only you, you.”

Since individuality is a prominent aspect of unions for this year, make sure that your playlist has the freshest wedding songs for 2023 that speak volumes about your love! For more inspiration, check out the rest of our blogs. Finally, if you need an Atlanta wedding DJ, contact us right away!