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The entertainment you choose for your big day will play an important role because, let’s face it, that will keep your guests on their feet and dancing their hearts out. If you decide to go for a wedding DJ in Atlanta, then you need to consider a few things. But mainly, you should choose a person who can satisfy multiple tastes, most importantly – yours! However, only picking the DJ and expecting them to do miracles for your celebration is not enough. There are things your wedding DJ in Atlanta, GA, wants you to know so they can do their job and meet your expectations.

Therefore, here are some essential points to consider before your big day. Knowing them in advance will allow your Atlanta Wedding DJ to have a performance you expect at your wedding.

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  • Wedding location 

Remember that your DJ needs to perform under certain circumstances. That is, they can adapt to different surroundings and sizes of venues, but sometimes, it can be more challenging. If your Atlanta wedding takes place in a house or a beach rather than a regular venue, your DJ needs to know this in advance. This way, they can prepare the right way and have suitable equipment. Otherwise, you can face sound issues on your big day. 

  • Be more flexible with the song requests 

If your wedding DJ in Atlanta, GA, is taking requests from the guests, setting some limits is a good idea. Simply try to be mindful of their work and limit your guests’ requests to avoid disturbing their performance. If they begin requesting wedding songs one after another, your DJ will not be able to pull off the vibe and style you initially wanted. So, establish in advance how many requests are okay and how they should be executed. 

  • Include song requests in your RSVPs

Every performer wants to come prepared, so giving them a heads-up of the requests might make their work more convenient. If your wedding DJ in Atlanta knows the song requests in advance, they will prepare their playlists beforehand. With that in mind, they can avoid sound disturbances during the celebration. Moreover, they will be able to create a good flow between song styles, so the music transition won’t be abrupt, creating a seamless flow. 

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  • Talk to your wedding DJ in Atlanta about your preferences 

If you want your wedding DJ in Atlanta to provide the best performance for your big day, give them some guidance – specifically on your choice of wedding songs. You will need to talk to them about your preferences and tastes, so they can create specially tailored playlists that suit your style. The DJ you hire is expected to make your day, but they need to know what you like and what you expect from them. 

  • Get your DJ and wedding coordinator to collaborate 

If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, ensure everyone collaborates as much as possible. Since there is a person who will orchestrate the whole celebration, they can give the best guidelines to the DJ. In addition, when your entertainer knows every part of the celebration in advance, they can create a more appropriate setting for the moment. This is how you get an unforgettable wedding day!

When you decide to hire a wedding DJ in Atlanta, give them all the necessary information to pull off a memorable event. Only then can you be sure your celebration will unfold as expected! 

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